Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adult Onset ADHD

I’m one of those people that can never seem to finish a chore. Take this morning for example. I started cleaning the kitchen. I started with the dishes in the sink and once those were all clean I moved on to work on the island. Now, on the island were the clothespins from yesterday’s project. Still not put back together. (I had taken them apart and painted them pink for a valentines craft found here)

So, I stop cleaning and start putting the clothespins back together. Once that is done my youngest wants to take my craft box and put it back in my office. Since I don’t trust him to be in my office by himself, I must follow him upstairs.

Like any good crafter, once I set foot inside my office, I am immediately overwhelmed with all the projects that must be completed. I sit down at my computer and first check email, then read all the new blogs and let’s not forget about face book. Then I realize a few days ago I was supposed to make pillow cases so I start cutting out my fabric, and see some really cute Japanese fabric that I want to make a burp cloth and wash cloths out of. I move on to cutting out my Japanese fabric and actually make the burp cloth, but then I remember I am supposed to be making pillowcases. Japanese fabric gets put aside and I pull my striped fabric back out. I make 1 pillow case and carry it downstairs to put on my bed. My son is taking his nap in my bed so I just lay the pillowcase on the dresser and check the time. Oh my, 4:30. I have to start boiling the eggs for the girls salad tonight for dinner (I made taco soup but the girls don’t eat that, and since we all run restaurants for meal times, they start placing orders.) I run back upstairs to try to finish the other pillowcase in the few minutes I have while the eggs cook, and my 2nd grader starts going thru my fabric and asks me why I have not made the mittens and hats and scarves I started Thursday night? So, I pull my fleece back out and start measuring that when I realize I have eggs on the stove. Run downstairs, take the eggs off the burner, and come back up stairs to finish the scarves and decide to Blog instead.

This all started at 8 AM with me cleaning the kitchen. Does this happen to anyone else?

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AmyMusings said...

I can't tell you how many pots I've had to scrape the black death from because I turned on the stove and walked away. Happens SO often...

Make sure you eat really healthy food. That has helped my ADHD somewhat.

And never buy fabric that you don't LOOOOOVVVVEEEE. Otherwise you'll never be motivated to use it. Japanese fabric wins over stripes every time.

I should write a book about all my strategies. I could write an infinite number of sequels. There's always SOMETHING!!

Ask me where the shampoo went. No idea. It just disappeared. No one knows. No one remembers seeing it. It couldn't have walked out of the shower on its own...

I made of list of things that need to get fixed in our house. It's sitting under a bag of stuff from the gym that I didn't empty. Mmm. Fresh!!