Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Am I a Bad American?

I vote, regularly. I truly believe if you don't vote, you don't get to complain. Because lets face it. We all love to complain about politics. Even if we voted for the party in office, we complain. It is just what we do. Everyone has that "I can do it better" feeling, even if we admit it to no one but ourselves. Just take a moment right now and admit it, I'll wait. ............(this is me waiting)...........

Ok. Now that that is done and we all feel a little better, let me just say that I did not watch the State of the Union tonight. I did not watch his speach on the health care a few months ago either. I do not listen to the talk radio station DJ's (are they even called that anymore?) that think they know EVERYTHING there is about politics and they know all the solutions, nor do I turn on CNN or any other all news broadcast stations.

I read the paper, when I get one. However, we live in a very small southern town so we only get the local paper on Sunday and Wednesday. This small paper maybe has 10 pages and it covers local and state news, church news (usually a full page for this) classified adds, half a page for yard sales, and school athletics (usually 3 pages). We don't discuss much national news. I guess we figure we should take care of our own back yards???

I donate to all the disaster relief efforts when something bad happens, and I donate to the local Good Will. I volunteer when I can. I try to help others. I do not ask for anything in return. I was taught that you should work hard for what you have. You don't get handed things in life, and NOTHING is free. This is how it should be. Remember, I'm not saying don't help someone that is down on their luck. I'm just saying, maybe we should go back to learning our neighbors names and a little about them. Saying "hi" to someone or even "excuse me" when you walk by them in the grocery isle. Lets not try to compete with the other PTO mom's on whose kid is dressed the best or who has the newest minivan or SUV.

With that said. I am sure "we are better off now with THE BAILOUT than we would have been with out it." I'm sorry, Mr. President, but did you get where you are with someone bailing you out of every problem? My father worked for the steel industry several, several years ago. Do you guys remember when that industry went under. It was a huge industry. Unemployment rates started raising and prices started going up, but no one got a government "bail out" and the people of the US do not "own" the steel industry. It's just not around. Now, I know it sounds like I am anti "bail out money" but I am really not. There are places that really do deserve it, but just like everything else, the deserving are being way overshadowed by the selfish.

Welcome to "Generation Bail Out"

That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.


Nanny Deprived said...

Awesome post. I'm all about getting back to common sense and a little old fashion politeness.
I live less than a block from our Elem. school and I am terrified to let my 6 year old walk to school even though I can watch her walk 90% of the way. What's happened to our society? What's happened to our Gov?

Debi said...

I also agree. My brother-in-law (whom I dearly love) works for Delta Airlines. After 9-11 a lot of airlines went bankrupt; they were not bailed out. To top that off -- the problem was not due to their bad business practices. But we still did not bail them out and then "own" them. Some went bankrupt and others laid off employees, cut expenditures, and weathered the storm.

That's what businesses should do.

Anonymous said...
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