Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is it REALLY this EASY

What have I been doing for 2 weeks? Searching for an easy pillowcase pattern to make to cover the pillows on my bed. ( For some reason, I have seemed to loose pillowcases like others loose socks, and now I find myself with 4 pillows in desperate need of some cases.) So, I have been busy searching my local stores trying to find some that will match my curtains and bedspread, but no luck.

{Back Story}
When we moved into the house I painted my room a light blue and wanted a brown quilt/throw to go over the bed, blue sheets, and I was going to make the curtians out of the City Girl Blue/Brown fabric. Guess how much fabric I bought, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 yards. ***GASP*** Okay, I know what you are thinking, I have no idea why I thought I needed that much fabric, it is not like the entire wall is covered in windows. So, needless to say, because I ended up finding this awsome bedspread at and then matching curtains, I still have ALL that fabric left. Lucky for me, it is in 4 different coordinating patterns.

{Back to the original thought process}

So, anyway, I have all this fabric, no pillowcases, and since I am also currently working on 3 different bedding sets, not alot of time, I needed something easy.


Here, at Make It and Love It, Ashley shows us how to make pillowcases. It is sooooooo easy. (Why I didn't just think to do this is beyond me but I am going to blame it on all the snow days we have had out of school). And since tomorrow is a snow day also, I am making me some of these.


*on a side note, I think Blogger took away Spell Check so if you see any spelling errors, don't blame me, blame Blogger.

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LAnderson said...

Hi Amanda - got to your blog from Sloane's FB page - I am now one of your followers - we share a common thread of sewing! I would love for you to visit my blog!