Friday, January 29, 2010

The "Blizzard" of 2010

For some people, snow is a regular occurrence during the winter. However, if you live in a southern state, the chance of snow is few a far between. A few days ago, the news channels started forecasting "A HUGE WINTER STORM" and it was coming straight for us. OMG!!! Everyone run to the grocery and overstock on everything, oh yah, lets close all the schools too. Seriously, that is what happens down here. Last night around 7PM our director of schools cancelled school for today because of the "forecast" for the winter snow.

This morning we all wake up and there is nothing on the ground. It is 39 outside. Not even cold enough. You should see all the face book comments from this morning. All those irritated mothers whose child is home today and they had to call out of work. WOW!! (This is 7 AM this morning when the comments start)

Fast forward to about 9AM. The Nashville (TN) news stations are reporting that by Saturday AM Nashville and the counties east and west may get around 8", north of Nashville even more. The good thing (as we are told by the weather lady) is that the southern counties that border Alabama will not see much. Hey, guess where I am? Yup, one of those bordering counties, and let me tell you!! By 9AM it had already begun sleeting and there was ice on the roads.

10AM, we have about 1" of snow already and this snow is covering the ice (thank goodness these southern counties won't be getting anything too bad).

11AM, News stations start telling everyone that the roads are getting bad (oh, by the way, Nashville and the northern counties do not have any snow on the ground. I know because face book tells me so.)

NOON, the roads in Maury County (according to the news people, and Maury County is SOUTH of Nashville) are some of the worst that you will encounter.

2PM, this is my backyard (remember, we are one of those counties that border Alabama, my back yard is actually only 45 minutes away from Alabama.) This is about 2" in the yard and it is still snowing. Will be untill early  morning. Good thing the weather lady said we would only get about 2" total for both days.

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