Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thoughtfull Thursday

This morning I realized what my two youngest children were going to be when they grow up. Now, I have four children so I have learned (or at least like to think I have learned) to take things in stride and not put to much stock into what they are doing at any given moment as it, and there interest, may change rapidly.

Anyway, back to this morning. Or maybe it was around 2:00 AM. I am laying in my bed. You know, the king size bed you and your hubby used to share but all of a sudden the children believe with everything they have that this bed is now Their bed. Yah, that one. So anyway, I am laying in bed and my 3 year-old precious, beautiful little boy, started tapping on my shoulder trying to get me awake. Now, any "good" parent would very happily just smile at said precious, beautiful little boy and kindly take said precious, beautiful little boy back to his bed and sit with said little boy till he fell back asleep. NOT ME!!! I just picked him up and kinda threw him in the middle of my husband and I and went back to sleep.

2:30 AM. I am back asleep (In my king size bed with me, my husband, and my youngest son) and my 4 year old precious, beautiful little girl starts tapping on my shoulder. This time I try to ignore the tapping hoping she will go tap her father. That didn't work. So, what do you think I did? Yup, just kinda threw her in the middle of the bed also.

How do I know what my children will be based on just nighttime behavior you ask. Well, it is quite simple. They are going to be surgeons. I truly believe only surgeons are able to find your kidney and spleen, with their feet, while sleeping.

So, I want to know, What are your kids going to be when they grow up?

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Becky said...

crackin up. yep. i can relate. except i have one that can't escape from her crib yet. :)