Saturday, September 5, 2009

Apple Picking

We had a great Saturday.

Mom's Version:
First, we drove about 2 hours to get to this orchard that my mother had seen in a magazine. We got there only to find out that the "Apple Season" started in early August for our area. Remember, just said I drove 2 hours to get to this place so my 4 children were getting apples.
Okay, so we start down these rows of apple trees and there are NO apples on the trees. We had to go all the way to the end of the rows to get apples. Then it smelled like old apple cider and the apples were kinda small. The kids picked over 20lbs of apples. (What am I to do with that many apples?) Went to Cracker Barrel for lunch then back to my mother's house. Had BBQ Ribs and fried apples for dinner.

Kids Version:
Preston-"Why are we leaving the house so early?" Kennedy-"We been in the car FOREVER!"
Abby/Kennedy-"I'm Hungry" Charlie-"mmmmm, vrmmm, cow!!! tactor!!!!" Kennedy-"Let go of my Bag!" Charlie-"My Bag, My bapples!"
"My apple is better than yours", "Your apples are stupid", "don't pick the ones with worms"

Kids had a blast once we got there. They ran from tree to tree picking apples. Small apples, medium apples, bad apples. (Parents running after kids) Each kids had their own bag (don't want to have to share) so I am not even sure what type of apples we have. They ate so many apples while we were in the orchard and then on the way home all of them were complaining of tummy aches.

You know it was a good day when the kids go to bed exhausted and bellies full.

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