Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Hard Being Such A Good Mother

I am at McDonalds today with my 3 year old. We both felt like we needed a little reward for having 3 snow days and having to share our days with the older kids. So off we go. Now, with my older 3 kids I would have never dreamed of sitting in playland while eating, but this one is such a great little eater that I figured it would be okay. We are sitting there eating while all the other little heathens kids are running around being chased by their mothers and being begged to sit back down and eat.

(Insert feeling of being a superior mom here)

I just politely smile and nod my head like I know how they feel and they in turn give me the look “don’t look at me like that because your kids is sitting still and eating”. We have all been there and KNOW what look I am talking about.

So, our McDonalds has 2 really cool computer games that are touch screen. These are obviously to be used by the older kids who feel it is too cool to play in the tubes, but in the middle of the school day, you now have toddlers fighting over the computers. The BEST part is the mothers that are “bragging” about how much computer time they DON’T let their kids have (oh, and there is this retired dad sitting there and he said (I PROMISE this is exactly what he said) “Oh, I let mine play whatever he wants. He has a gameboy, PS2, and his own computer. I leave the educational crap up to my wife.” (His child was maybe 4) The other mom’s just ignored him after that.

Ok, so picture this. Child A runs and gets on the computer, followed by Child B. Childs A’s mother helps him into the seat while Child B’s mother sits there and talks about how the only computer game her son is allowed to play is Dora. Not to be outdone, Child A’s mother now decides that she has a “no computer unless it is educational” rule and removes Child A from said computer. Child A starts screaming. And I’m not talking a little whine. No! This was a throw yourself down on the floor and scream at the top of his lungs scream. THEN (oh, it gets better) Child A’s mother takes Child A in a football hold and proceeds to inform the manager that “the computers were the worst idea they had and that she was going to have to leave because her child would not stop ‘fussing’ over them.” She comes back into playland where my child is just happily going down the slides, oblivious to the fact that there are computers, and sits her child down and tells Child A “We have to leave since you won’t stop screaming over the computers. You know you are not allowed to play”. Wait a minute here. Child A was on the computers earlier with your help!!!

(Insert another feeling of superior mom here because mine has yet to see said computers and I now get to give them the “oh, I’m sorry for you” look)

Uh, oh. I gave the look and now my son sees the computers. He sits down at the empty chair and starts to touch the screen. He really does not know what he is doing because I believe my computer cost to much and has all my work and school stuff on it so mine has honesty never been allowed to touch mine. Not because of educational reasons, just because I am selfish and don’t want my stuff broke. He is in heaven playing when all of a sudden, Child B shows back up and starts playing. NOW Child B’s mom decides that he can’t play so she removes him also. So, I have my child at the computer and 2 SCREAMING BANSHEES running around because their mom’s are trying to out do each other. At this point mine comes back over to me and tells me (very loudly) “Let’s go! Baby’s won’t stop screaming”.

(Insert superior look again.)


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Lol! Cute story!

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