Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wedding Planning

My first wedding, I did very little planning. My parents took care of everything. I kinda just had to show up. Well, this time, my fiance and I are taking care of it. So, i'm just gonna throw some ideas out there and see what ya'll think. BTW, my dress is white and my MOH dress is black. Was thinking of a multi colored reception with bright colors. Something fun. Anyway, here are some things I found online.

I like this one, just not as much as the one below. The leaves can be done in black, but not sure it is YELLOW enough?????

I think this one might be my favorite that i've found. I love how YELLOW this is. (and for those that know me, and know I want to paint my front door and shutters yellow, you will understand how much I LOVE YELLOW)

I love these cakes, the calligraphy on them is amazing, just not sure it would go with the "fun, party" theme I am thinking I want to create.

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