Friday, October 23, 2009

My Latest Product Line

So, I seem to only have stuff to say about once a month. Not really, if you ask my husband or kids (or parents or friends or parents of kids friends or the girl scout parents, ok. you get the picture), I talk ALL the TIME! But just look at how infrequent my blog post are. Then all of a sudden , BAM! 2 or 3 in a 2 day period. I understand I am very scatter brained so I just write all my idea's on little pieces of notebook paper so that I can blog about them later that night. Problem is, I ALWAYS seem to loose those little pieces of paper. Hence, all the blogging gets done at one time because that is when I remember all the things I was wanting to do.

Back to my original reason for posting this blog (see, I really am scatter brained.)

I am launching a new line of children's Aprons. They come in 3 sizes, Small (size 3-4), Medium, shown in pictures, (size 5-6) and Large (size 7-8). The strap is one piece and is threaded through the arms allowing it to be adjustable and grow with the child. I would love to make an adult line to match if the demand is there. These will make super cute gifts for birthdays or the holiday's coming up.

Are these not the best pictures. Rachel Williamson from Mammagoose Photography did these for me. Thank you Rachel and her beautiful little girl. Rachel has loved photography for as long as I have known her (which is over 20 years. Wow, I feel old now.) She does any type of photography you need from family portraits to wedding to children's. Please head on over to her Blog and check out her latest works. Once you are done there, all you local people, head on over to her website and get your pictures scheduled. She will definitely give you a timeless treasure for your family to enjoy.

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Priscila said...

how cute! Love this!!! Very sweet! Love your blog and store!!!
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